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Ways to Build Wealth By Investing in Real Estate:

There are many ways to build wealth and financial security with real estate investing, including REITS, REIGS, and Real estate mutual funds, just to name a few. Here we will talk about the investing I can assist you with. If you would like to gain more information about the stock market and other investments related to real estate, I’ll be happy to connect with you with a financial planner who can help you explore those options.

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RENTAL PROPERTIES. A majority of my investor clients own multi family properties. This makes them a landlord and in charge of maintaining the property and paying all the fees associated with the mortgage and upkeep. Many people find the idea of purchasing a double and living on one side, while the tenant lives on the other side and his/her rent pays the mortgage for both sides very appealing.

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FLIPPING HOUSES. Flippers buy properties with the intention of selling them within 6 months for a profit. With flipping properties, you run the risk of not unloading the property in your desired time frame or selling it at a price that will not turn a profit. However, this can still become lucrative if you have a team in place to assist you with the flip.

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